Pre-cooked and pregelatinized pulse flours for bakery

Bakery and pastry

Wholemeal, pre-cooked and pregelatinized flour, from pulses, cereals and ancient grains for baking and confectionery

The ingredients our customers are looking for to reduce the use of fat in bakery and pastry products. High in protein and fibre, they improve the nutritional profile and quality of baked goods.

The main advantages of our ingredient families

  • Natural flour from legumes and ancestral grains: they replace soya flour and make it easier to obtain nutritionally balanced food products.
  • Natural flour combined with pregelatinized flour: we obtain a dough with a higher water retention capacity.
  • Crispies: they provide new textures in both baking and biscuits.
  • Stabilised fibres: increase fibre content.
  • Pregelatinized flour and pre-cooked flour:
    • In addition to improving the quality of bread doughs, products are obtained with greater colouring of the dough pieces and extend their shelf life because the hardness of the crumb is reduced over time.
    • Whipped doughs with greater viscosity are obtained, which is very useful for the correct suspension of ingredients such as pieces of fruit or chocolate chips, avoiding the sinking of these products, and achieving their homogeneous distribution in the dough. The products obtained have a more tender crumb from the moment they are made until the end of their shelf life.
    • They eliminate the pre-cooking and cooling stage in choux pastry preparations, with the consequent savings in costs and time.
    • Thanks to their water retention capacity, they optimise the existing fat in milk bread-type products, reducing costs and improving sensory quality.