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50 years
of experience

With more than 50 years of experience in the food sector, our team, knowledge, and technology allow us to be at the forefront, offering today, the solutions of the future.

We specialise in food solutions and work with manufacturers in different sectors to help them bring high value-added products to the market.

Our milling origins, together with our concern for innovation, drive us to seek out and develop ingredients to meet new market needs.

50 years of experience in the food sector
100% natural

100% natural

Our ingredients are 100% natural and have been transformed by exclusively mechanical treatments.

We do not use any chemicals in our production processes, allowing our customers to label their finished products 100% natural.

Committed to the use of natural ingredients, we are present throughout the value chain. We produce quality natural ingredients that are allergen-free, clean label, GMO-free and carefully selected at source thanks to our close collaboration with trusted suppliers.

Origination raw materials

Our origination department works hand in hand with trusted farmers to produce the raw materials from which we make our ingredients. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality standards, as we select the varieties at source.

Clean Label

Thanks to the absence of additives and our natural ingredients our customers can label clean label on their finished products.
The lack of ins numbers is increasingly appreciated by consumers.

Allergen free

We work with constant analysis to certify the absence of allergens in our ingredients.

Nutritionally balanced formulations

With the mixture of whole grains and pulses we offer our customers the opportunity to produce amino acid balanced formulations.


We want to be your partner in the creation of new product development. Throughout the process or whenever you need it.

Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide support from the choice of raw materials, technology, formulation, and testing. We offer an integrated service for the development process of new products and ingredients.

We work closely with manufacturers to develop the best products on the market and the ones that consumers value most.

Innovation centre

We have an innovation centre at our headquarters in Almássera (Valencia) which brings together experts from different areas who develop integral solutions for our customers.

Pilot plant

We have a pilot plant at our facilities in Zamora where we can carry out small-scale developments.

Our latest innovations

Pésol Pea is vegetable textured protein, both wet and dry, recently developed by our team.

We are the only Spanish company to offer wet texturized vegetable protein.

More information about Pésol Pea

A pea-based solution that will revolutionise the food industry.

The perfect ingredient for a food industry that seeks to offer consumers the best alternative to animal protein.