Clean Label food ingredients for meat companies


100% natural food ingredients Clean Label by Molendum Ingredients for the meat industry to produce meat and fish analogues

Our pre-cooked and pregelatinized flour is a perfect ingredient to increase the nutritional value of cold cuts and pâtés.

For meat products, Molendum Ingredients offers a range of breadcrumbs, batter and predust which, in addition to adding nutrients, improve the final presentation of the product and facilitate its production.

In addition, our ingredients are perfect for producing meat and fish analogues as they improve the juiciness and/or texture of the final product and become the ideal solution for those consumers who wish to reduce meat consumption without giving up the sensation of eating meat.

By combining our coatings and breading with our Plant-Based solutions such as Pésol Pea, we obtain products that are highly attractive for today’s market due to their taste, texture, and nutritional values.