Molendum Ingredients belongs
to the Dacsa Group

At Dacsa Group we focus our activity on the development of food ingredients inspired by the end consumer’s demand for access to healthier and more sustainable food.
Dacsa group

We have 3 business areas

Rice Milling // Corn Milling // Food Solutions

Molendum Ingredients belongs to Dacsa Group

We have 10 production plants in 7 different locations in Europe in 4 countries: Spain, Portugal, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

With more than 500 employees, we are Europe’s leading corn milling company in all our sectors: breakfast cereals, snacks, and the brewing industry. We are also recognised rice producers in Spain and Portugal, with emblematic brands in the sector.

We research market needs and develop innovative and high-quality food ingredients based on legumes, ancient grains and cereals, both in native and thermo-treated flours, as well as texturized proteins, both wet and dry. At Dacsa Group we aim to become our customers’ trusted partner by providing new value-added solutions to the food industry.