Allergen-free solutions for the food industry

Allergen-free solutions for the food industry

According to the Food Safety and Allergy Prevention Foundation (FSA), around 520 million people worldwide may be suffering from food allergy, a fact that is compounded by information from the World Allergy Organisation (WAO) that no country has reported the reverse. None have reported a reduction in food allergies in the last decade.

In Europe, more than 17 million people suffer from some kind of food allergy, of whom some 3.5 million are under 25 years old. In the case of Spain, more than two million people suffer from some kind of food allergy, around 8% of children under 14 years and between 2 and 3% of adults.

This is a fact and, unfortunately, it has become a trend. The food industry must take up the challenge, because we are on the rise.

Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group has done so and thanks to its initiative, people with food allergies can count on the breadth and depth of range that Molendum offers to facilitate the production of allergen-free food.

Through constant research and determination to provide the industry with clean label products, Molendum has addressed this increase in chronic allergic conditions as an opportunity to offer the industry the possibility to create products free from “INS”, thanks to its 100% natural and allergen free ingredients and solutions; produced exclusively by mechanical processes and without any chemical treatment.

Because if the multiple investigations carried out to find the key to the constant increase of food allergies in the world have discovered anything, it is that the increase in the consumption of processed foods, of foods treated with various additives, in short, the way we have been feeding ourselves in the last three decades, is what has led us to this situation.

Molendum Ingredients proposes another way of doing things and offers the ingredients and resources to achieve it. Its native and thermo-treated flours; Pésol Pea texturized protein, the first wet texturized protein plant in Spain; predusts and sizing agents; breadcrumbs or crunchy and expanded bread, without forgetting the solutions that Molendum Ingredients offers made-to-measure and accompanying the whole process with the necessary advice, are the key to redesigning the future of the food industry.

It is true that the data on the progressive increase in food allergies can be overwhelming, but it is no less true that they are a stimulus for companies such as Molendum Ingredients, which have anticipated by proposing solutions for the development of new lines of food, without additives or preservatives, aimed at a society that is increasingly informed and aware of the importance of a healthy diet.

Allergen-free solutions for the food industry with the depth of range and the specific guarantees that this industry demands.

Solutions from Molendum Ingredients that come at a key moment to meet the expectations of a growing number of consumers who are no longer willing to settle for less or take steps backwards in terms of their diet and health.