How does the food industry respond to vegans?

How does the food industry respond to vegans?

The increase of the vegan population is a fact and it is unstoppable.

According to data published by Statista in 2021, there is a growth in the consumption of products based on vegetable protein as an alternative to animal-based foods, which will increase globally by approximately 14% between 2020 and 2035.

In view of this information and those previously published, such as the 2019 United Nations report that warned of the direct relationship between meat consumption and climate change, urging a reduction in meat consumption and promoting another way of eating that is more sustainable and respectful of the environment and biodiversity, the food industry has reacted unevenly.

Some have gone straight to a blackout, overwhelmed and unable to respond to new trends and almost unconsciously disregarding this buoyant market.

Others have remained in a vast gray range, offering products with nutritional, organoleptic and nutritional qualities that surprised at first and disappointed then, when information began to flow and consumers became more demanding.

And then, finally, there are companies like Molendum Ingredients that have taken the step to write, on white and new pages, that another way of eating is possible and essential.

Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, has responded to this emerging and unstoppable demand with products of excellent quality, obtained in a sustainable way, from crops that are completely respectful of the environment.

Molendum has been able to read between the lines and interpret the new consumer habits, to understand that, beyond the increase in the number of people who follow a vegan diet, excluding any animal product from their food, there is the motivation why they do it, and understanding that this motivation clears the doubts that this is not more than a trend.

Because vegan men and women have a reason, a common denominator that much of the industry has overlooked: sustainability, respect for the environment, in the end, care for the planet.

And, in addition, the vast majority of these people are not last-minute vegans, willing to try, without filter or criterion, any novelty that bursts onto the market for the simple fact of announcing that it does not contain animal products.

That’s over.

Molendum understood this a long time ago and, anticipating the arrival of the unstoppable wave of demand caused by the growth of vegetarian, vegan and occasional consumers curious about nutrition free of animal products, directed the direction of its I+D+i department towards the development of alternative options to meat, clearly differentiating it from the competition and positioning itself at the forefront of the distribution of animal protein-free, allergen-free and E-label-free products.

Molendum is part of the food industry and this has been its response to changing diets and nutritional habits: “It’s happening and it’s unstoppable, let’s make it the best diet possible”.

And it has succeeded.

And not only for its own benefit, because Molendum Ingredients has also positioned itself as an external department for companies looking for a true collaborative partner.

And not just any partner, but a teammate in the development of products that, because they are truly committed to the environment and have ingredients made from sustainable crops, are already guaranteed to be well received in the market by a sector of the population, the vegan.

A sector that continues to consolidate because it is made up of people who are more demanding every day with the products they incorporate into their diet because they have understood that their health and the planet’s health are at stake.