How raw materials are key in protein breadings

How raw materials are key in protein breadings

Nowadays we can speak of a society that is governed by trends, some of which stay and some of which do not.

One of the most consolidated is that of healthy eating, which has probably managed to gain a foothold because it has embraced diversity, seeking, both in food and in its cooking, the way to achieve the most nutritious and healthy diet possible.

And this is where protein breadings comes in, and with it, the importance of raw materials to achieve the best protein batter from all points of view.

The protein food trend is probably here to stay and, in many cases, is already established. The batter trend has been around for hundreds of years, has a much longer lifespan and has therefore been refined as much as possible.

Gone are the reviled breadingd of yesteryear, with its virtues and its nutritional flaws. It has been a long time since we welcomed quality breadings.
And now, protein breading is arriving with increasing force, now, when we know that the quality of the oil we use for frying or the appliance that facilitates the task is very important, but the quality of the product, of the batter itself, is crucial.

And the quality of the product is not a volatile element, it does not depend on mysterious agents and conditions, the quality of a protein batter depends directly on the raw materials used to make it.

Because the importance of raw materials in protein breadings is not just another factor, it is the determining factor.

Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, manufactures, with top quality raw materials at source and free of chemical treatments, various solutions for protein batters that contribute to consolidate this trend of food option because they have a high nutritional quality.

The best nutritional quality that a protein batter can offer, which is what the industry demands because it is what the market demands. And the market wants protein flours with a high fibre content, clean label. Raw materials for protein batters far removed from potato starch or modified starches.

The constant research of the R&D department of Molendum Ingredients, aware of the importance of raw materials in the production of protein batters, has resulted in fine flour particles of excellent quality at source and outstanding nutritional value, combined in a formulation that makes them unique for protein batters produced according to the highest quality standards.

Molendum offers a varied selection of flours rich in proteins, among which pea, lentil or ancestral grain flours stand out for their outstanding protein value. These flours favour the adaptation of the selected food to an enveloping batter and facilitate rapid cooking, improving the nutritional quality of the result.

Predust and sizing agents from Molendum help the batter to adhere to the surface of the food to be coated, preventing parts of the surface from remaining uncoated, which would mean a reduction in the nutritional quality of the coated food and, something that consumers are no longer willing to allow, a more than notable reduction in its organoleptic qualities.