What don’t consumers like to find on food labels?

What don't consumers like to find on food labels?

The number of consumers who are aware of the way they eat has grown and so has their level of knowledge.

Consequently, the level of demand for healthy eating has multiplied and clarified: consumers do not want foods that do not guarantee to be free of allergens; they do not want genetically modified ingredients and, of course, they do not want a single letter “E” on the labels of the food products they buy.

This situation is an unquestionable opportunity to position oneself in the market and give consumers what they are looking for, what they want to see on food labels; to meet their preferences, demands and needs with products of proven quality and, for this, it is necessary to ally with those who can offer the best raw materials.

Companies must visualize the opportunity and team up with a partner that will allow them to offer excellent quality products that stand out from the competition in a market that is more saturated by supply than by quality.

The labeling of a product that aspires to create its own trend, of a brand willing to reach a leading position in the market and to consolidate itself in it.

The products that this company presents to consumers must be allergen free, free of genetically modified ingredients and, of course, free of “E” on their labels.

It is not an easy combination, but it is a winning combination and to achieve it, it is necessary to get a partner at the height of the product line to be developed.

A partner such as Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, can offer the necessary guarantees for the development of the project because it will assume it as its own.

Molendum, offers its partners the best ingredients and the best service for all food sectors that want to produce healthy food and in line with current market trends. All of them, products without additives or preservatives that allow a clean label, without “E” labels; 100% natural products, allergen free, produced exclusively by mechanical processes and without any chemical treatment.

Exactly what consumers like to read on the labels of the food they buy.

In addition, Molendum offers its customers a relationship that goes beyond the purely commercial as it offers 50 years of experience in the food sector for the development of new food lines and is committed to accompanying its customer throughout the process.

An experience concentrated in a consulting team, equipped with the necessary know-how and technology to enable Molendum to be at the forefront.

With the right supplier, it is possible today to offer the ingredients that consumers want to read on food labels and to do without those that they do not want to see on food labels in order to obtain high quality products.

With a good partner it is even possible to offer today the solutions of the future, anticipating the needs of a market, we insist, more and more demanding, educated, and informed.