How to innovate in the food industry with a high chance of success

How to innovate in the food industry with a high chance of success

Innovation in the food industry is a constant and indispensable factor for a company to be competitive in the market and to manage its chances of taking the lead with a high probability of success.

And in order to strengthen them, it must be constantly aware of trends as indicators of the direction the food industry has to follow in order to satisfy demand.

And even more so if that demand, as has happened, has become consolidated as a healthy, environmentally committed and sustainable habit, factors that also condition innovation in the food industry.

Innovation and the food industry are inseparable, they constantly feed off each other, whether in terms of products and their launch onto the market – this is where trends and marketing processes come into play – or in terms of innovation in manufacturing and production processes.

To innovate in the food industry, it is necessary to innovate in all these fields, to subject them to transformations that improve the final product. It may not be necessary to do it simultaneously, but it is necessary to do it constantly.

Today, the food market has gone from being a final stage for products to almost becoming a permanent testing ground. Innovation itself is trendy, it is unstoppable and, although it may not seem so, it is regulated.

In order to make the decision to innovate in the food industry and to do so with guarantees of success, it is necessary to assume that demand leads the way, and, currently, that demand requires 100% natural products, without additives or preservatives; free of allergens and produced entirely through mechanical processes and without any chemical treatment.

to innovate in the food industry with success

Exactly the products that Molendum Ingredients offers, clean label products (with “E” free labelling).

Exactly what the market is demanding, without settling for less and without turning back.

Because Molendum only uses mechanical processes without chemical treatments in our production processes to manufacture its legume and cereal flours, a paradigm for innovation in the food industry today with many, many chances of success.

It is happening.

Molendum offers products made from top quality raw materials that include precooked flours, precisely pregelatinized flour is the one that stands out internationally appreciated in the market for its functional properties, which come from the milling of different cereals, legumes, and ancestral grains; lentil, pea, bean, chickpea, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat or teff flours, free of gluten and subjected to a cooking process that provides them with stabilised physical and functional properties.

What are the advantages?

Partial or total gelatinisation of starch; high viscosity when hot or cold; partial or total denaturation of gluten; inactivation of enzymes and reduced microbiology.

Companies using pregelatinized flours simply have more possibilities to innovate successfully in the food industry.

If we look at the national market and manage to free Spain from labels that branded it as traditionally conservative and lacking in food innovation, a new reality imposes a very different vision that is emerging and shows a market, a business fabric and a food innovation industry that is booming and bidding for leadership.

Consumers are demanding innovation and food quality in equal measure; innovation is a trend, and it is up to companies in the food industry to take on challenges and provide answers.

We are at an excellent time to innovate with guaranteed success, the ground is fertile and companies like Molendum Ingredients offer the necessary resources to achieve it.