Solutions for improving amino acid balance in industrial developments

Solutions for improving amino acid balance in industrial developments

In these times of nutritional innovation, of continuous and unstoppable increase of “Plant based” diets, consumers and food companies are constantly asking the same question: How can we get a high-quality vegetable protein for a complete diet with a correct amino acid balance?

Consumers, in an active and informed search for a healthy and tailor-made diet, are looking for products on the market that guarantee complete and healthy nutrition.
The food industry, in general, must respond to this demand and offer consumers a high-quality vegetable protein for a complete diet. Companies involved in the manufacture of food products are designing projects to develop R&D&I strategies that will enable them to be the first to meet these needs. To do so, they know that they must work with partners that guarantee the quality, traceability, and versatility of their products.

Otherwise, it will be impossible to remain in a market governed by a highly exigent demand.
And, at a business level, comes the second big question: Who can guarantee the food industry vegetable proteins for a complete diet with a correct balance of amino acids?

Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa group, is a pioneer and has a long history in the development of R&D&I projects to achieve balanced vegetable proteins of high-quality and great nutritional value, proof of this is its ability to answer the question we asked ourselves a few lines above: one of the most valuable solutions to improve the amino acid balance in industrial food is the right combination of pulses and cereals, two basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

Two ingredients with which the company works in processes of constant innovation to offer the food industry solutions of high nutritional value as a basis for developing food products with an excellent nutritional balance of amino acids in industrial food. The key is in the combination of cereals and pulses because it allows to obtain all the necessary amino acids and complete proteins with the perfect balance between methionine and lysine.

Because cereals have high lysine and low methionine concentrations while pulses have low lysine and high methionine concentrations, the amino acid balance of cereals + pulses are clearly perfect.

Molendum offers solutions to improve the amino acid balance in industrial food through its wide range of wholemeal pulse flours made from Castilian and red lentils; chickpeas; green peas; white, red, and pinto beans; and its offer of cereal flours such as corn and rice.

High quality solutions are guaranteed, because the raw materials offered by Molendum Ingredients are 100% natural and have been transformed by exclusively mechanical treatments, without using chemicals in their production processes, allergen-free, clean label, and GMO-free, which allows its customers to label “100% natural” in their finished products.

In addition, Molendum provides its customers with support in the development of new product lines by facilitating the customized mix of cereals and pulses that customers require.

Undoubtedly, an added value of great relevance for companies that want to continue being part of the food industry, satisfying the demanding trends of a constantly growing market.