Raw materials without additives for an optimal batter

Raw materials without additives for an optimal batter

An optimal batter, is not only about crunchiness, and a good quality of crunchy ingredients.
Both convinced batter lovers and ocassional ones and, of course, those who make the raw materials to achieve it, know this.
And, of course, they are very clear that they do not want additives in their diet or in their products.

It is time for the formers to consciously enjoy their preferences and have all the information they may need, and for the latter to disseminate the keys to obtaining the perfect batter, which necessarily involves using additive-free, allergen-free and clean label ingredients.

Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, knows these keys because it has chosen since its early years to take care of the base of all its products at source, and this includes offering the industry raw materials without additives to achieve an optimum batter in all senses.

Raw materials that make it possible to enjoy an unbeatable batter for any ingredient; predusts and sizing agents, prepared by Molendum, which allow the batter to be fixed to the food in an optimum way to prevent parts of the surface from remaining uncovered.

Let’s be a little more specific:

Molendum offers to the food industry, sizing agents and pre-dust flour prepared from wheat or rice and made by mixing different ingredients to coat substrates of various kinds, each and every one of them in the imagination of the industry, of the companies dedicated to the production of battered food products and, of course, of the consumers who are not satisfied with just any batter, not even with a medium quality one, they want the best.

And they all want it, including those who have some kind of gluten intolerance or those who, out of personal choice and in search of a healthier diet, decide to exclude gluten from their regular diet, not forgetting, needless to say, those who simply want to try new foods, just out of pure curiosity. And many stay.

For all of them, Molendum offers rice glue, gluten-free predust flour and granular wheat flour; all of them products made from the best raw materials at source and, equally, perfect for coating substrates of various kinds, from vegetables to fish, including meat and foods made from vegetable protein, such as those that make up the Hi Vegs range, one of the most delicious and nutritionally balanced plant-based stars of the Dacsa Group.

Molendum Ingredients’ special flours offer the industry superior quality raw materials for two fundamental reasons: they do not include chemical products, which facilitates processing and, in addition, they are specifically prepared to provide the best coating for the foods they envelop so that they retain their nutritional properties to the maximum.

Without forgetting, not even for a second, that these foods are intended to provide the palate with that delicious sensation that only an optimum batter made with top quality ingredients can achieve.