Growing demand for foods with high nutritional value and free from animal protein

Growing demand for foods with high nutritional value and free from animal protein

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, it is clear that there has been a turning point in the demand for quality, nutritionally complete food with less or no animal protein.

This alternative diet is constantly growing and has found an echo, like a tailor-made suit, in companies such as Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, because it has been able to respond to this demand by placing excellent quality raw materials on the market, including legume and cereal flours of high nutritional value that make it possible to manufacture balanced foods that are completely free of animal protein.

What is it that makes this demand grow and why is it necessary to keep up with it?

The answers are as varied as they are complementary:

  • An awareness at a personal level in search of a healthier diet.
  • A more consistent way of thinking about human action on climate change and environmental sustainability.
  • A social trend towards concern and care for animal welfare.

Aware and informed consumers who want to know what exactly they are taking into their kitchens and what they are putting on their tables.

And they will not settle for less.

And not to see this opportunity or to look the other way would be a mistake of colossal proportions.

Molendum Ingredients has understood the message and has positioned itself clearly from the beginning of the game, when the best players in the food industry realised that change was underway and that the trend was already normal.

Molendum Ingredients presents the national and international market with a diverse offer for the different current demands and concerns of consumers: special flours from pulses and cereals for food preparations of excellence aimed at the preparation of products that meet the expectations of these demanding and conscientious consumers, whether they follow a vegan or vegetarian diet or a plant-based diet  or gluten-free diet, or simply because they want to look after their health and introduce new options into their meals and have found that foods free from animal protein but rich in proteins of high nutritional value are the winning option.

It is not in vain that Molendum Ingredients has fifteen years of experience, applying the latest technologies to achieve these products.

The native flours of pea, chickpea, quinoa, buckwheat or rice, which replace soya and make it easier to obtain balanced foods, the texturized pea protein Pésol Pea, and the thermo-treated flours, which improve the quality of pastry and baking doughs and facilitate the correct suspension of ingredients and save time and costs, guarantee a final product of excellent quality, just what the food industry is looking for because that is what the end consumer demands.

Just as there are characters in search of an author, there are consumers who know what they want but have not yet found the right supplier, probably because that supplier has not yet found a company, like Molendum Ingredients, to supply them with the legume and cereal flours that allow them to offer quality, balanced products with the right organoleptic qualities to satisfy the booming demand and differentiate them from the competition.