Molendum Ingredient Solutions for Baby Food

Molendum Ingredient Solutions for Baby Food

The careful choice of ingredients for food production is, without a doubt, a professional and ethical obligation for companies in the food sector.

In the case of baby food, it also becomes a great responsibility.

The reason could not be more compelling: food is the basis for the development of children, for their growth and for the correct functioning of all their body systems.

For this reason, the raw materials used in the production of baby food must be, quite simply, the best. And the company that supplies them must be able to prove it.

Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, has been offering the food industry raw materials of extraordinary quality at source for the production of multiple ranges and types of foodstuffs for years. In the case of ingredients to produce baby food, Molendum is an example of responsibility.

The company, a pioneer in the manufacturing processes of natural flours from pulses, cereals and solutions for redesigning the future of the food industry, offers ingredients for the preparation of baby food, ensuring complete and healthy infant nutrition in a world in constant transformation, which cannot lose sight of sustainability, also in infant nutrition.

Because Molendum offers the best ingredients, grown with care for the environment and developed in processes subject to exhaustive quality control that guarantees traceability from the origin to the final product.

Molendum’s solutions are backed by extensive experience in the cultivation, research and development of traditional wheat or rice flours, to which have been added others such as teff, amaranth or quinoa flour, not forgetting legume flours, among which the brand’s exclusive pea flour, Pésol Pea, stands out. All of them are natural and ecological flours; free of allergens; not genetically modified and produced exclusively through mechanical processes, without any chemical treatment, with a clean label, -without E-.

Ideal flours to produce baby food with all the guarantees that the industry, the market and consumers’ demand.

Flours such as pregelatinised maize flour, specially designed for baby food production, from the milling of Zea mays grain, degerminated, industrially clean and not genetically modified. With physical-chemical characteristics that comply with the legal requirements in force for baby food, and with stabilised functional and physical properties that improve its applications and eliminate the use of food additives.

When highly processed products for baby food seemed to lead the market, critical and responsible voices from industry, producers and consumers began to call for a transformation in the production of food products, especially in baby food, food made from sustainable, natural ingredients that could provide healthy and environmentally friendly nutrition.

Thus, a new transformation of the food industry is already underway, which is also taking place globally.

A transformation in which Molendum Ingredients is a benchmark because it is an active part of the process, through its R&D&I department, from which it provides its customers with all the advice they may need to develop their processes for creating new lines of baby food and offer them to the market to feed the next generations in a healthy and sustainable way.