New healthy formulations for the food industry

New healthy formulations for the food industry

The new food, based on healthy formulations is part of the food revolution of the last decades.

Consumers who are responsible for their own health and that of the planet are demanding healthy food from the market and the market is demanding healthy formulations from the food industry. This is a challenge for food producers.

The ball is in the food industry’s court, it is up to it to provide answers from its suppliers and, in both cases, the R&D&I departments are working tirelessly on innovation with the focus essentially on healthy formulations.

A healthy formulation is behind a clean label, a label with which manufacturers of solutions for the food industry, such as Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, certify their commitment to top-quality raw materials at source, free of additives and genetically modified ingredients.

From its natural legume and cereal flour factory, Molendum offers companies solutions of high nutritional value to redesign the future of the food industry according to demand. It is important to remember that this is an informed and demanding demand that, fortunately for consumers and the planet, is not going to turn back – quite the opposite, in fact.

This demand must be met and, of course, the opportunities offered by a market that is open to new healthy formulations that improve the nutritional quality of food must be seized.

Labels have become an ally of a healthy diet. Time is no longer wasted reading complex lists of ingredients.
And food companies have already taken note by establishing commercial ties with manufacturers and producers of ingredients with which to develop new formulations for the food industry.
And if, in addition, these partners, as in the case of Molendum, offer to advise their new customers on the development of new food lines based on healthier formulations, then it’s a win-win situation.

Molendum offers ingredients and solutions for the food sector obtained exclusively through mechanical systems, without chemical additives. Solutions that bring added value to the final product, strengthening it against the competition by offering foods made with new healthy formulations, in line with market demand.

Solutions aimed at all sectors of society, ranging from infants with a Baby Food line in which the care of the raw materials at source is, if possible, even more demanding, to the new food lines for consumers who seek a healthier and more environmentally friendly diet by consuming foods that are, to a greater or lesser extent, free of animal protein, such as vegans and vegetarians.

Healthy food has become the locomotive of the industry and pushes the system relentlessly towards research into healthier formulations and consequent food innovation, as essential conditions for the permanence and sustainability of companies in the market.

Successful food innovation depends on suppliers, researchers and manufacturers working together to develop food solutions based on healthy formulations.