Pea protein for food innovation

Pea protein for food innovation

We don’t know when it started or when it will stop, the real feeling is that food innovation has always existed and probably always will.

However, change is afoot since 2019 saw the start of what is being called The Green Revolution, to refer to the food revolution of the 21st century and differentiate it from Borlaug’s Green Revolution, which took place between the 40s and 70s of the last century.

And this is not a superficial change; the data speak of a transformation at the root.

When we talk about food innovation, it is no longer possible to maintain the traditional food patterns of animal protein and vegetable protein in the industry; it is a much more profound and dramatic change highlighted, above all, by the disappearance of animal protein from the diet of millions of people, -in our country alone, 13% of the population declares itself veggie and the specific establishments for them have doubled in the last five years-.

How do the R&D&I departments of food industry companies deal with this situation?

In the specific case of Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, the R&D&I department has directed its successful line of research in food innovation towards the development of Pésol Pea, the pea protein that is presented as a vegetable alternative, both wet and dry, for the development of new and novel plant-based foods, which respond to the growing market demand for foods with high nutritional value but free of animal proteins.

Starting with the vegetable protein Pésol Pea, Molendum’s Innovation Center, in a continuous process of research and search for new forms of development, has become a leader in the Spanish market, being the first and only company in the country to have a production line of wet texturized vegetable protein, and to present it to all the R&D&I departments of the food industry to produce products that offer excellent quality protein alternatives to animal protein.

In this scenario, Pésol Pea, free of allergens and not genetically modified; clean label, sustainable and 100% suitable for vegan diets, is on its way to becoming a food revolution in itself thanks to a versatility that allows the development of new and numerous foods such as Hi Vegs, manufactured with Pésol Pea as a base, which have become excellent allies to replace meat and fish in food preparations.

This versatility allows, for example, and always based on Molendum protein, to develop high-quality vegetable alternatives in lines ranging from precooked dishes, such as sausages, nuggets, meatballs or hamburgers, to delicious vegetable spreads.

New food lines that, beyond being a simple trend, have become the differentiated sign of a way of being in the world by a number of people that keeps growing and asks for more supply, more options for a healthier and more conscious diet that the food industry can provide from quality options such as Pésol Pea from Molendum Ingredients.