10 Applications of texturized vegetable pea protein

At Molendum Ingredients we offer different applications that can be given to texturized vegetable pea protein

Assuming the change of mentality among consumers and understanding that the data show a turning point in the way we eat, it is necessary to focus on the answers.

Responses that must consider a healthy, sustainable, and diversified offer for the food applications sector.

Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, offers our experience of more than a decade to provide an answer that goes even further.

An answer that offers allergen-free meat analogues that, especially in the case of texturized vegetable pea protein, our Pésol Pea, constitute a large part of the future of the food industry.

And a response that goes further because it offers the opportunity to accompany its customers, in a completely personalised process, to develop the future products of the food industry.

And all with two objectives: to offer the food that conscious consumers demand in the present and, even more importantly, to multiply an offer that follows the parameters of sustainability, healthy and responsible food, and excellent organoleptic qualities.

Our texturized vegetable pea protein, Pésol Pea, offers the R&D departments of the food industry exclusive high quality protein options for the preparation of different alternative products to meat and fish analogues.

And the result is outstanding.

The PVTH is marinated with oil and spices. Et Voilà, the Pésol Pea is ready to be subjected to the requirements and needs of the best chef and to meet the expectations of the most demanding and refined palates.

And that’s not just talk.

Mediterráneo Culinary Center in Valencia, offers recipes that demonstrate that the gastronomic possibilities of the application of our Pésol Pea are as unlimited as the imagination and skill of the chefs, professional or not, dare to develop.

Among the most suggestive proposals, and to whet your appetite, we can start with the starters: PVTH croquettes with mushrooms and garlic and an analogue of pork rind or pork snout.

To complete the experience, we can enjoy an aromatic main course: the chef’s personal recreation of the traditional kebab based on PVTH minced meat marinated with tika masala and sautéed in olive oil.

So much for the present, the now.

And the future?

The future is already here, thanks to the R&D department of Molendum Ingredients, which moves in it with a fluency acquired through experience, opening new lines of research and development for applications of the Pésol Pea, which ir at the service of its customers.

New and seductive projects include, for example: vegetable drinks, egg substitutes; vegan broths; meatballs and hamburgers, yoghurts, and cheeses; kebabs, noodles and other pastas and pâtés.

A different diet is possible and PVTH Pésol Pea proves it.