Pulses flours without chemical treatments for the food industry

Pulses flours without chemical treatments for the food industry

In the third decade of the 21st century, market trends have dictated that pulse flours are no longer just a trend, they have become part of everyday life.

It is indisputable that pulse flours have ceased to be just a food fad, a gastronomic curiosity, to become a major source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds that have favoured, and continue to favour, a healthy and balanced diet.

And it is a fact that Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, offers the food industry superior quality wholemeal legume flours for two fundamental reasons: it does not include chemical products, which facilitates processing and, furthermore, the manufacture of these flours has achieved one of the company’s essential objectives: the inactivation of the enzyme lipase, responsible for rancidity when the grain is milled.

The flours offered by Molendum are a source of essential nutrients that are obtained through the milling and grinding of the grain.

Obtained by milling and dehydrating pulses such as the traditional lentils, beans, or chickpeas; others that were incorporated later and are now part of the family, such; and, of course, those that are in the process of expansion because they have ceased to be a trend and are now part of the regular diet of thousands of consumers.

We are referring to pea, teff, amaranth, quinoa, and buckwheat flours, which are already present in thousands of consumers’ diets.

Flours, which are already present in kitchens and everyday consumer products and are talked about with absolute familiarity in the most diverse fields, from nutritionists to consumers, from gastronomy professionals to, of course, manufacturers of food products aimed at the emerging healthy food and, veggie markets, who prioritise excellent quality ingredients in all their ranges.

The latest technological advances have opened the door to new uses and applications of these pulse flours for the food industry. Advances which, in the specific case of Molendum Ingredients, provide the food industry with flours without chemical treatments that allow for easier processing and a clean label end product.

The manufacturing process that Molendum applies to its pulse flours achieves the inactivation of lipase, providing highly valued and clearly appreciable advantages, both for the food industry and for end consumers.

Because pulses flours without chemical treatments that Molendum offers to the market have better organoleptic characteristics; they extend the shelf life of the product; they manage to reduce and stabilise the microbial load and, furthermore, they eliminate anti-nutritional factors.

These are 100% natural flours, gluten free and allergen free flours that Molendum Ingredients offers and which it also helps its customers to get to know with a view to new developments, committing itself to accompany them in a process that invites multiple projects, because demand is increasing and consumers, as a mobilising agent, are there, wanting to see their expectations fulfilled.

A horizon of possibilities for the food industry has opened with the use of clean label pulse flours, which are allergen and gluten free and completely natural. Flours that, in addition, combined with cereal flours, improve the balance of amino acids in the diet, and yes, Molendum Ingredients is also a manufacturer of these flours under the same strict quality criteria and the same guarantees.

Making products based on pulse flours without chemical treatments for the emerging market that promotes a balanced, natural and healthy diet is a challenge and there are actors in the food industry that have chosen Molendum Ingredients as a partner to face it.