High moisture meat analogues in the meat industry

High moisture meat analogue wet textured in the meat industry

Texturized vegetable protein has made a strong entry into the market as a substitute to produce high-quality products that traditionally belonged exclusively to the meat industry.

Despite this apparent triumphal irruption, the advance of high moisture meat analogues, HMMA, has occurred quite naturally.

In the specific case of Molendum, the natural evolution of market trends and the prioritisation of innovation in research processes, seeking vegetable proteins of higher quality, versatility, and better organoleptic and gastronomic qualities, has led its R&D&I teams to make Molendum the first and only company in Spain to have a PVTH production line that offers excellent applications for the production of new plant-based products, based on the Pésol Pea project.

Wet texturized vegetable protein is easily obtained from the wet texturization of pea protein, in which the hydrated ingredients flow into a cooling mould to prevent expansion. Structure formation takes place during this phase as a result of laminar shear flow. Subsequently, the result is subjected to a final freezing process to make it available in different types of cuts; options adaptable to the processing needs of different products to achieve excellent results in terms of nutritional contribution, palate, and culinary variations.

Pésol Pea is no longer a standard meat analogue, because at Molendum we want to be at the forefront.

Although it is true that entrepreneurs, food manufacturers and consumers are guided by these terms when they think of preparing PVTH, producing alternative solutions to meat or consuming plant-based foods, Pésol Pea is becoming an independent source of protein, establishing itself on consumers’ shopping lists naturally, in its own right, clearly differentiating itself from the competition.

And to demonstrate this, we offer our customers our knowledge of the market, the same knowledge that has driven us to evolve, innovate and adapt our solutions to the tastes of today’s and tomorrow’s demanding consumers.

A good example is Hi VEGS! products made with Pésol Pea.

At Molendum Ingredients, we accompany our customers throughout the entire creation process, from the choice of raw materials, technology, and formulation to testing.

The PVTH is undoubtedly a revolution in the food industry and consumers do not stop recognising it and amplifying its expansion, because they want a healthier life without giving up a delicious and varied diet. The demand is growing with no limits in sight and staying out of the game is not an option for a company that aspires to a relevant role in the food industry.

PVTH enables the production of food preparations and products that contribute to the kind of healthy and delicious food that is so much in demand, thanks to its wide range of vegetable preparations and products in the form of ingredients or pre-cooked dishes and spreads.

Natural products, naturally produced for a healthier, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly diet, exactly what consumers are looking for in the third decade of the 21st century.

And they are not going to be left out. If one company does not meet this demand, another will.