The best meat analogues for food manufacturing

The best meat analogues for food manufacturing

The third decade of the 21st century has definitively consolidated the presence of meat analogues in the food industry, and in households and catering, of plant-based foods.

What was once a trend has become a habit for the hundreds of thousands of people who choose to include a diet free of animal protein in their diet.

And according to The Green Revolution report, the number of vegans has grown by 60% between 2019 and 2021 in Spain-, and as could not be otherwise, the food industry has plunged headlong into the change in the global food system, diversifying its product lines to offer nutritional alternatives to this growing public both in number and level of demand.

Competition is becoming voracious, requiring alliances, with the pioneers in innovation who, as in the case of Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa group, have consolidated their position as leaders in R&D&I, also anticipating market trends in plant-based foods with the development of innovative food ingredients such as their texturized vegetable protein, Pésol Pea, to improve the nutritional quality of meat analogues.

Texturized plant-based protein Pésol Pea, which Molendum Ingredients Innovation Centre offers exclusively to the food industry for use in the production of meat analogues, has become the best ally for replacing meat and fish with quality vegetable alternatives, precooked dishes or vegetable spreads.

Analogues enriched with Molendum ingredients, such as Pesol Pea, optimise the quality of the end product from the start, because this textured vegetable protein, PVT is allergen-free and not genetically modified; it is clean label, sustainable and 100% suitable for vegan diets.

In short: perfect for satisfying the industry and, through it, the most demanding and conscientious consumers who are more demanding and aware of healthy eating with high nutritional value and, of course, sustainable.

In addition, Molendum is the first and only company in Spain to have a wet texturized plant protein production line, HMMA (high moisture meat analogue), which offers excellent applications for the production of new plant-based products.

PVTH is a product with a high protein content, obtained from the wet texturization of pea protein, subjected to a final freezing process and available in different types of cuts to serve the most demanding customers in the industry, those who prioritise the final nutritional quality of the preparations without neglecting texture or versatility.

The market is entering a new phase in which the offer has diversified, and it is necessary to distinguish oneself and what better way to do it than standing out in the range of nutritional quality.

That is exactly what Molendum offers, improving the nutritional quality of meat analogues enriched with its ingredients and becoming, in addition, the trusted partner of its customers by providing new value-added solutions to the food industry.