Vegetable alternatives to simulate meat texture

Vegetable alternatives to simulate meat texture

Vegetable alternatives that simulate the texture of meat are trending.

It is no longer enough to offer consumers vegetable protein alternatives to reduce the consumption of animal protein.

The search for a healthier diet that is more respectful of our planet and its resources has advanced.

One more step was needed, and it has been taken, the ball is in play and in the court of the R+D+I team of companies and, consequently, in the market.

Because now, the product must be improved, consumers demand it, they want their plant-based foods to have a texture as close as possible to meat.

They are looking for and choosing plant-based alternatives that perfectly imitate those textures that their palates have fixed, by inertia, after centuries and centuries of carnivorous diet.

And they want it now, of course, and they can demand it because there are always companies willing to research enough and more to offer the market the best products made from vegetable protein with a texture increasingly similar to that of meat.

Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, with more than half a century of experience in the food sector, has a team, knowledge and technology that allows it to be at the forefront offering the solutions of the future. And the future is happening at breakneck speed, that’s why you have to team up with the best.

Molendum, as a long-standing specialist in innovative food solutions, works with manufacturers from different sectors, supporting their projects to launch products with high added value on the market and offering advice for new developments, an accompaniment that becomes decisive in a market in constant renewal in which, to compete, it is essential to have the products and experience that only the best can offer.

Choosing Molendum as a partner and guide is playing it safe because Molendum Ingredients offers tailor-made solutions for the food industry, 100% natural, innovative and high-quality ingredients, developed by its research team in the light of market studies and, consequently, elaborated on the basis of legumes, ancestral grains and cereals, both in native and thermo-treated flours, as well as texturized proteins, both wet and dry.

It is not in vain that Molendum is the first and only company in the country to have a production line of wet texturized vegetable protein, Pésol Pea, which offers excellent texture results, and also to present it to all the R&D&I departments of the food industry to develop products that offer vegetable protein alternatives, of excellent quality, to animal protein.

And, after the presentations, the commitment, because Molendum Ingredients not only offers companies in the food industry texturized proteins that improve the performance, juiciness, and final texture of the product, it goes beyond.

Molendum also offers its experience and professionalism to put them at the service of the projects of companies that value and work with market data and know that, when it comes to food plant-based protein and with the data in hand, it is already more than demonstrated that trends become habits driven by an increasingly strong, demanding and selective demand.